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Hire our St. Augustine, FL company for your asset search

Civil Investigation Agency, Inc. excels at professional record searches. Using sophisticated technological tools and techniques, we’ll obtain the relevant information you need for your personal or business matter in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Get up-to-date info in St. Augustine, Florida

Get up-to-date info in St. Augustine, Florida

Civil Investigation Agency has the tools and skills to provide you with the best and most accurate information available. Hire us for your:

  • Asset search – We help attorneys learn asset and wealth information relevant to lawsuits.
  • Cell phone search – Who’s calling you? We can find out.
  • PO box search – Who’s mailing you letters or packages? We’ll uncover the sender.
  • E-people search – Email isn’t completely anonymous. We’ll find out who’s behind the username.
  • Corporate records search – We help attorneys and private individuals learn names and records.

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Asset Search

Price $79.95

Our searches are conducted through specialized databases, which are carefully monitored and available only to those in the investigative industry. Information found in these databases include records of real estate property ownership, vehicle ownership, mortgages, lawsuits, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, criminal history, business affiliations, corporate status, fictitious business names, addresses history, watercraft ownership, and aircraft ownership.

Do you have the need to find out someone’s cell phone number? We can search for a subject’s cell phone by name or even by address. Please fill out as much information as possible about your subject on the order form.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Price $24.95

Did you find a phone number in your spouse’s pocket and want to know who it belongs to? We can do a reverse phone number search, even on cell phones and unlisted numbers! This report also provides historical data when applicable, meaning that it will tell you not only who the number belongs to now, but who had this phone number in the past. This report is “no hit, no fee” – meaning if the number does not show up in our search, we will refund your money.

E-People Search

Price $24.95

Our E-People Search can be performed to trace and identify the actual owner or user of a specific email address. The search can help identify the individual responsible for sending the email messages which may be connected with harassing behavior, Internet fraud, infidelity, stalking, and Internet predators. Results may include the subject’s email address, name and physical address, phone number, and IP address.

NOTE: "Since email addresses can be falsified, there are countless messages sent daily that do not actually originate from the sender indicated within the “from” line of the email header. While most email address can be traced to the user through the E-People Search, there are some that can only be obtained through a court issued subpoena. This report is “no hit, no fee” – meaning if the email address does not show up in our search, we will refund your money".

P.O. Box Search

Price $24.95

It is a common belief that using a P.O. Box provides anonymity. That is not the case. Uncovering who a P.O, Box belongs to can be useful in fraud investigations, infidelity cases, and skip tracing. This search will also provide historical data, which means it will return a list of persons, both past and present, who are affiliated with a particular P.O. Box address. Please enter the FULL P.O. Box address (with city and state) that you are searching for in the ADDRESS field of the order form This report is “no hit, no fee” – meaning if the P.O. Box does not show up in our search, we will refund your money.

This search is nationwide and is useful when you want to gain more information about a company you are considering doing business with. The search may return information such as the corporation type, status, incorporation date, filing state, and names and addresses of officers and the registered agent. When ordering, it is mandatory that you include the business name we are looking for. If possible please include state you believe the business to be located in. it is possible that a business name can be used by different business owners in different states, and this will help with our search.