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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you check and see how much money someone has in their bank or find out what kind of investments they have?

No, we cannot lawfully access a subject's bank account balances and financial investment information. Prior to the introduction of 1999 privacy act legislation, many investigation firms provided liquid asset searches, which revealed detailed information on a subject's bank account holdings as well as any financial investments made through brokerage firms. In almost all cases, this information was obtained through pretext, meaning that an investigator contacted the financial institution, impersonating the account holder. Using a pretext to uncover financial information about a subject is now specifically prohibited under the new laws. Under no circumstances will our investigators unlawfully engage in a pretext or attempt to impersonate the account holder. Our searches are conducted in compliance with privacy laws, and we will continue to abide by any new legislation in order to guarantee that our services conform to applicable federal and state laws.

Can you find out what bank the subject uses and if so how can that help me collect on a debt?

The federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 prohibits private investigators from accessing bank records of subjects or using pretext methods to obtain this information, therefore we cannot tell you where your subject has investments or the balances in any suspected accounts. However, we can provide a LIST of banks near the subject's home that the subject MAY be affiliated with (included in premium background report upon request).

We suggest, if possible, to get your subject to cash a check YOU have written to them from YOUR bank account, or look at any copies of canceled checks you have written to them in the past. When you look at the back of your canceled check, the information of the bank they used (and often their account number) will be on the back of the canceled check. While we cannot gain access to the actual account numbers or balances, once a bank account has been located and verified, you can seek legal counsel from an attorney and pursue obtain a court order to attach the account holdings in order to satisfy a judgment.

What other sort of asset information is your agency able to uncover?

Our searches are conducted through specialized databases, which are carefully monitored and available only to those in the investigative industry. Information found in these databases include records of real estate property ownership, vehicle ownership, mortgages, lawsuits, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, criminal history, business affiliations, corporate status, fictitious business names, addresses history, watercraft ownership, and aircraft ownership.

What do I need to provide to initiate an asset search?

Before attempting to locate assets through public records, it is essential to have the subject's correct full name and address. It is important to determine that the person is who and what he or she claims to be. The more information you can provide to us about the subject, the better. If you know their date of birth and/or social security number, please provide that information on the order form.

What other useful information does your asset search turn up?

It is also worthwhile to obtain the names of close relatives because often people trying to hide assets will place them in the name of a family member. Paper trails will exist if any significant property was transferred, and here is where a deed transfer can be traced through country records. Our search will retrieve names of possible relatives and neighbors and roommates.

What does an asset search cost and how long does it take to get the results?

Our fee is $69.95 for an asset search. Results are typically returned in 1-2 business days.