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Get up-to-date info in St. Augustine, Florida

Get up-to-date info in St. Augustine, Florida

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This search can be used to find records of marriages and/or divorces in some states and counties. Marriage filings records may return the following information: filing type, number and origin, bride and groom name, age, residence, and marriage date. Divorce filings records may return the following information: filing type, number and origin, party (1) and party (2) name, ages, residence, marriage date and divorce date.
NOTE: Information in some states and areas may be limited or restricted.

Death Index Search

Price $24.95

Use this search to find information from the Death Master Files on deceased individuals using information such as last name, first name, social security number, DOB, age range, address, city, state, phone number, person ID and county.

Use this search to pull from multiple sites to return the online presence for an individual. Search using different combinations of name, age range, location, phone number, username and email. Results returned include information such as name, username, and links to profiles found.

Basic Email Search

Price $24.95

This search can be used to find an email address for an individual or to reverse search to find the individual that belongs to the email address. For optimal results when searching for an email address, all known fields should be used. When searching by an email address, a properly formatted email address should be used.

This search allows you to check for voter's registration records of citizens and residents. Please enter as much known information as possible about your subject, such as name, DOB, address in order to return accurate results.

Bankruptcy Report

Price $24.95

The bankruptcy report contains all of the information from the bankruptcy search, plus even more like Date Filed, Disposition Date, Filing Type, Filing Status, Debtor Name (with SSN, AKAs, and Debtor Address), Additional Debtor (with SSN and AKAs), Liabilities, Assets, Exempt, Assets Available for Unsecured Creditors, Debtor is Self-Represented, Attorney, Attorney Phone Number, Trustee, Trustee Phone Number, Case Number, Court Location, Creditors Meeting Date, and Creditors Meeting Location. The Bankruptcy Report also may contain any bankruptcy filings for your subject covering the last ten years, as well as bankruptcy filings for your subject’s co-debtors.

Use this search to find information on liens and judgments that vary by state but may include Debtor Name and Address, Creditor Name, Case Number, Filing Date, Amount, Book/Page, SSN/FEIN, Filing Type, Release Date, Original Case Number, and Serial/Cert. Number.

Eviction Search

Price $24.95

This search provides eviction records for a business or individual. Search using the subject name, business name, FEIN, social security number, date of birth, age range, address, city, or state.

This search allows you to search for information such as Company Name, Address, Address Type, FEIN, Charter Number, State of Origin, Record Date, and Status. If you search by a person's name and that person is an officer in a corporation, the Officer Title is also returned.

This search can find phone numbers connected to a business using the business name, FEIN, Business ID, officer's name, business address, social security number, and phone number.

Use this search to find information such as Domain Name, Date Last Updated, Date Created, Date Expires, Date Last Seen, Registrant (Name and Address), Administrative Contact (Name, email Address, Address, and Phone Number), Technical Contact (Name, Email Address, Address, and Phone Number).

This search is used to pull information connected to a phone number. Enter the phone number to find results such as name, Person ID, phone number, address and additional details.

Use this search to find information on residential and business landlines. Search using name, business name, social security number, phone number, address, city and state.