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Hire Civil Investigation Agency in St. Augustine, Florida

Civil Investigation Agency, Inc. is the team to trust for your background checks and pre-employment screening needs. We utilize state of the art databases that are available to only licensed investigators. This helps to ensure that the data we retrieve is relevant and up-to-date. Knowing who you are getting involved with, whether personally or professionally, is very important. Our reports will provide you with the information you need to make smart and informed decisions. See below for our most popular background reports.

Don't make an employment offer before consulting us

Don't make an employment offer before consulting us

Civil Investigation Agency can provide you with the updated information you need. Our St. Augustine, FL company can find out any information related to:

  • Previous employment - Does the applicant have relevant work experience? We'll find out.
  • Education - Is the applicant qualified to fill the position? We can let you know for sure.
  • Criminal records - We'll search criminal databases to provide you with the latest information.
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This search allows you us to use traditional data such as SSN, Name, Address, and DOB to locate an individual, however the more information you provide to us for your search, the more precise the results will be. Results returned can vary but usually contain a partial SSN, as well as names, addresses, DOBs and landline phone information that matches the search criteria. It is strongly advised that you have a date of birth and/or a social security number to run this report.

This search retrieves the information provided in the Basic Person Search Report, PLUS bankruptcy filings, a contact list for the person's home and work, plus their possible relatives, associates, and neighbors.

Results will include information returned in the advanced person search reports and may include active phone numbers, address summary, address details, aircraft, associates, associate summary, bankruptcies, cities history, corporate filings, counties history, criminal records, drivers licenses, email addresses, employers, evictions, hunting permits, judgments, neighbor summary, other phones, pilot licenses, possible associates, possible associate summary, professional associates, professional licenses, property deeds, property foreclosures, property assessments, property owners, relative summary, business associates, trademarks, UCC filings, utility connections, vehicles, voter registration, weapon permits and a choice of relative depth.


This report provides a basic background summary report on an individual as well as tangible property ownership information, such as real estate, vehicle registrations, watercrafts, and aircrafts. Please note that due to federal laws, we are NOT able to provide information on financial assets such as bank accounts and financial investments.

Results returned may include information such as business name, FEIN, phone number, addresses, business contacts, parent companies. We can search by whatever information you have (owner or officer name, FEIN, email address or IP address or domain) to find out more about the business in question.

Run this report to provide detailed information on a business. Results returned may include, in addition to the information provided in a Basic Business Search, information such as aircraft, bankruptcies, corporations, corporate filings, evictions, judgments, employees, connected businesses, possible employees, property deeds, property foreclosures, property assessments, subsidiaries, trademarks, UCC filings, vehicles, vessels, and watch list records.