Find a Missing Vehicle in St. Augustine, Florida

Civil Investigation Agency can track it down

Are you attempting to locate a vehicle? The team at Civil Investigation Agency, Inc. can help you. Our search capabilities are among the best in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our investigators can scour databases across the country to find the owner and location of any car or truck.

Cars can’t drive away from our searches

Cars can’t drive away from our searches

Civil Investigation Agency will work hard to obtain the best and most accurate information for you. You’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of our searches. Give us the vehicle identification number (VIN), description or last known location, and we’ll do the rest! We help the following clients in the St. Augustine, Florida area:

  • Owners of missing vehicles – If a friend borrowed your car and it went missing, we’ll do what we can to track it down.
  • Car dealerships – Was a vehicle stolen from your lot? Has the current owner defaulted on payments? Leave it to us to find it again.
  • Attorneys – If a vehicle is relevant to your case, you can trust us to locate it.

Call Civil Investigation Agency at 904-342-7117 to learn more about our vehicle searches.

Vehicle Record Searches

This search provides information on vehicle registrations as recorded by state agencies. (Please note that the following states are NOT included in this search: AZ, AR, CA, GA, HI, IN, IA, KS, NH, NJ, NM, OR, PA, RI, SD, VT, VA, WA, WV)

This search provides historical data on a specific vehicle. This is quite useful if you are purchasing a used vehicle and want to know its past ownership history of the vehicle. You must provide the VIN number for this search.